Jade Bahng

USC Student

Jade is a first year student at University of Southern California where she specializes in Communications. She is also a campus ambassador of NotionHQ and has a social media platform to display her daily activities. Jade can provide the selected student with insight about college in America as well as give first hand advice about pursuing/committing to one's passion.

Dondre Whitfield

Actor, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Advocate

Dondre Whitfield is a well known actor and author who discovered his passion from an early age and took a step to pursue it. He is a persistent figure who inspires others to find their spark and take action. He can inspire the selected student to find their calling, take action, and be an advocate for others.

Alison Park

NASA Engineer

Alison Park is an aerospace engineer manager at NASA. She specializes in directing and leading projects. Alison immigrated to the US when she was in high school and precisely knows the courage it takes to pursue your passion. She can provide the selected student with insight on working in the STEM field, but also working towards her American Dream.

Eric S Estrada

Environmental & Sustainability steward

Eric dedicated his professional environmental and sustainability career in various companies with different focus areas. At the core of what he has done in his career is the sustainability commitment to future generations. He is willing to help Lucy's journey by guiding her the route of environmental science field as a career.

Natalie Ho

UCLA Student

Natalie Ho is a soon to be student at University of California, specializing in Environmental Science. She recently got accepted to UCLA and is starting in the fall. The selected student can gain knowledge on the college application process as well as the environmental specialization from Natalie.

Brian Kim

CEO of Turbo Air

Brian Kim, who holds the position of CEO at Turbo Air, will play a crucial role as one of Lucy's mentors. As a mentor, he will share his valuable insights with Lucy, recounting his personal journey of success and the valuable lessons he gained from his failures. As a Korean immigrant, he brings a unique perspective to his mentorship, as he has experienced the challenges and triumphs associated with building a career and overcoming obstacles in a new country

Ryan Lee

College consultant

Ryan Lee is a college consultant at A1 College Prep Academy. He generously volunteers his time to guide Lucy in pursuing her dream of obtaining a degree in Environmental Science from an American college.