Lucy Choi
After an extensive application and interview process our selected student for 2023 was...

Lucy Choi, a 15-year-old student residing in Korea, possesses a strong aspiration of becoming an environmental researcher - a field that is relatively uncommon in South Korea. She recently realized that pursuing her ultimate goal of preserving the world's environment was limited by the stigma that surrounds Korean students. Although Lucy had possible interests in pursuing her passion in America, where sustainable development is a well-established area of research, Lucy faced the financial barrier, which quickly shut down her aspirations. Therefore, Break the Barrier, acknowledging her potential and strong passion, decided to sponsor her first trip to the US and begin her journey.  

“This trip was the best nine days of my entire life. It changed my whole perspective in viewing the world.”

 By participating in the Break the Barrier program, she was able to expand her perspectives and enhance her ability to express herself confidently. Lucy mentioned that this journey was a significant stepping stone that completely transformed her future, gaining insights from the experiences of successful individuals, and broadening her understanding of environments beyond Korea.